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Achieve everything in timely fashion, ensuring customer satisfaction. Offer a reliable operation and service concept that keeps up with changes and aims to last and grow continually.

Gain a competitive edge thanks to our efficiency, knowledge and high technology according to international quality standards, offering services to the local and global markets with an incorporated and financially-stable structure,

Relying on its half-century experience, history and background in the construction industry, Emiroğlu Group has managed to become a brand in the industry with its dynamic and innovative projects. Providing city-away-from-city advantages with a tranquil and comfortable approach, Emiroğlu Group projects is particularly preferred by its residents for such attributes. Built in the most premium and distinguished locations in Istanbul, each Emiroğlu Group project materialise around the principles of exclusive use areas, a selection of sports and activities, ecological approach, human relations and communication, and high quality in every step.